Pousada em Boipeba




Recreational activities

Trekking in Boipeda

There are numerous paths available where you can take a walk to discover the most evocative spots of Boipeba: along the sea where you can find one beautiful beach after another like Praia do Outerio, Cueira, Moreré and Bainema or inland towards Monte Alegre, Moreré, São Sebastião (Cova da Onça – which means the jaguar lair), or at Quebracù with a breathtaking view over Rio do Inferno and Boca da Barra.

Horse riding along the beach

One of the most interesting experiences is riding along the beach from Velha Boipeda up to the very isolated and most beautiful beach of Bainema.

Depending on the tide, you can ride along the beaches of Coeira and Morerè and then return using an inland path or vice versa.

Scuba diving

For everyone who is passionate about the sea and its beauty and maybe has not yet had the chance to try scuba diving we recommend to trying dipping into the warm and clear waters. This type of experience will unconditionally make you feel closer to nature.

Boat excursions

Tour by boat of the island
The tour will take you along the coast of the island to the Natural Pools of Moreré, to Punta Castelhanos and to Cova da Onça where you can stop to have lunch. After lunch the boat will take you back to Boipeba.

Tour of the island on a speed boat

The speed boat will take the same route as above but in addition to that it will circumnavigate the whole island: Natural Pools,, the beach of Castelhanos, Cova da Onça (break for lunch) andCanavieiras, where on floating bars you can eat oysters (there are oyster farms) accompanied by a Caipirinha, while admiring the splendid sunset.

Excursions in a canoe

Just before sunset it’s delightful and extremely relaxing to travel on a long wooden canoe along the canals surrounded by the mangrove. The local guide will reveal all the secrets hidden in the thick vegetations.