Pousada em Boipeba


How to reach Boipeba

Despite the fact that the crossing from the mainland to the island has greatly improved in the last few years, reaching the island can still be rather difficult. This is also the reason why its nature and its beaches are still unspoilt.

There are many ways on how to reach Boipeba:

  • fro SALVADOR
  1. This is what we advice ---> overland: you cross the bay with the ferry that takes you to the island of Itaparica and at that point you carry on by means of land transportation (taxi, private car or bus) up to Valença where you would embark on a fast boat to reach Boipeba.
  2. This is what we do not advice ---->by sea: with a catamaran which from the port of Salvador arrives to the Morro of Sao Paulo. Once the island of Tinharé is reached it’s necessary to stay overnight and carry on the journey the next morning. You would be travelling on a type of boat that tours the island daily and stops at Boipeba. In the summer months it’s possible to use a jeep that goes across the island of Tinharé using a dirt road until it reaches the nearest point to the island of Boipeba. A small boat will ferry you across to the beach opposite (Boca da Barra – Boipeba).

  3. The fastest way but a little expensive ---->transfer by light passenger aircraft from the airport of Salvador to the Fazenda Pontal, which is situated opposite Velha Boipeba. The flight takes about 30 minutes.


  • from ILHEUS

The distance from Ilheus airport to Valença is only 192 km, the only problem with using this system is the numerous “quebra molas” which are spread along the route and will slow the journey down.

On the plus side, you don’t have to catch a ferry or change your means of transport. In fact the transfer takes place using a taxi or a private car from Ilheus airport to a port such as Torrinhas or Valença.